Remnants Of A Cow Bone

My work as a sculptor is never finished...

Nature gives me the ideas that I have as a sculptor,

I just refine.

The earth carves with the wind, the sun and the

Rain that links all life with beauty and returns it

To us.  Master carvers from many ages gave me

Knowledge that I can trust. I, too, lift to perfection

New works of art. Nature gives us the ideas that

We, as sculptors, just refine.

While a walking in the Arizona desert one day,

Nature provided the remnants of a cow bone. My

Sculptor’s eye took the idea from nature and lo, a

New sculpture was soon carved from my hand.

When finished, behold, it was divine.

Nature makes the world forever in the likeness of a

Dream. The carvings are the hills, the trees and bones.

All of these awaken my soul, my spirit as though it

Has been carried aloft on the wings of a breeze.

May 2, 2006

Come A-Walking On Christmas Night

You clients, friends and family must come a-walking with me on Christmas night. See the swift flowing streams and the wind blown trees that look like the ocean waves breaking by the light of the stars.

You must come a-walking in the mountains with me. The night will be our host. You will see the white bearded man with his sleigh all packed as he drops goodies from ranch to ranch. You will know the stars.

You must come a-walking in the mountains with me. We will watch as Santa works. We will see his sleigh streak through the blackened, starry sky and hear the ceaseless roll of sleigh bells a-ringing as the reindeer land softly on each rooftop.

You must come a-walking in the mountains with me to share the marvels of Christmas. Christmas season speaks to us of peace, of comfort in sorrow and joy. We bask in a joyful mood as we thank each other for gifts exchanged.

Give the gift of love and joy. Let true peace here be found this Christmas Day, on this Christmas night, as we come a-walking, a -w a l k i n g, a - w a l k i n g to celebrate this miraculous day for the birth of Jesus Christ.


From Within

Sculpting is a state of extreme surprise,

A wonder and an incredible astonishment to my eyes.

It is as true as can be;

that you will see...

When you create with love

and have an understanding of form and design,

What comes forth it is a blessing to you and me;

for all to see...

When finished, with a mass or pile of rubble on the ground,

What is left reveals what was found.

It is all-sufficient for the young and old,

for the simple and the bold;

for all to see...

Non-objective or abstract, large or small.

Sculpture knows no exceptions.

So never feel you are prevented or omitted from entering;

it is for all to see...

No matter who or what you are, your views have been included.

No matter what your past has been, trust to understand within.

No matter what your problem is, just place my sculptor's hammer in your hand.

You can carve out all the unwanted and find the wealth that can be shared;

for all to see...

Always remember when you put love into skill you create a masterpiece.

What is more, it will not disappear like a ripple in the water.

A sculpture will keep spreading and flowing from the creation within,

and so you see, there is no way of telling where it will ever end.....

Father And Son

I lift up my son and hold him.

I put him on my knee.

My son's fingers curl up tight

To grip my hand with might

As I bounce him on my knee.

He takes the rugged hands of mine

And helps me understand

That it will take a little bit of heaven

To help me comprehend what it will

Take to raise this little man.

Raising this little man, I daydream

Not of war, but of hunting and fishing trips,

And games we can play forevermore.

No matter what twisting course my life may take

There will be sacrifices along the way.

When he is older and he takes my hand,

I know we will never part,

For I will gladly carry that weight on my shoulders

as a dad as though life has just begun.

And he will feel my soul and always know

I did my best to raise him for his journey throughout life

Because I took my stand as a dad

On his travel down the river of life

Keeping on course out of love for a son, under the sun

And under the stars of heaven’s twilight.

October 30, 2002


Nature is so true and has every possible hue.

Natures glowing warm hills of velvet gold and

Emerald green, where mysterious stroke of

Vibrant beauty captures each harmonious shape,

I stand so often in the awe as nature fills my weary

Soul when at last comes love of life so profound

In sacred truth. As I climb high on hill tops and

Dream in visions as I look up at the deep blue

Sky organizing well formed outlines in my minds

Eye where images gives me feelings for three

Dimensional form. I am using natures shapes

As an endless journey. Shapes so true as though a

Companion. Nature is mighty, strong rarely ever

Wrong! My passion... sculpting, is the food of my

Soul, it makes my heart sing and dance as it beats

Closer to its dreams.

December 5, 2012

The Spirit Of Tempest

I travel aimlessly and lonely as the rain filled clouds Float over the valleys and hills in the Santa Ynez Valley This early December day.

The stormy wind and rain sounding like rhythmic music Round me, temperatures falling, days shortening, sunshine Fading, slowly...the storms of life weave throughout our lives, Interlacing their way leaving remnants of life built long ago.

I amuse myself with solitude, mishap, have I made me a Friend with nature. Leaves dying, revealing their true selves. Falling, soft at first, then dry and fragile. Here the wind-swept Trees flutter and dance. I look to the hills, shall I go. Shall I wade Through the water, the wind and feel the storm rebel. Shall I climb The mountain while the spirit of tempest walks at my side.

I gaze and I look at the mountain top...little thought as I grow old, So was it when my life began; So is it now I am a man. My winged soul shall fly away; examining lone departed years Soaring on to future scenes, so distant still, and lately dimly seen With winter's coldness on my heart. How can my spirit soar away, Confined by such a chain as this...can it change with darkness While in sorrow and unsullied joy, can years flame in bitter wind Turn back years towards warmth and passion as all our dying Dreams are born again...nights for which one yearns just a Taste of what change is to come?

Change...veils its wings, evidence of paradise. Such beauty As you hope to see, can it make a sacrament to be. Will it give Wings their will and words their song? Perhaps it was the wind That sang like angels anchored in the rain filled sky, love haunting, Hurting, healing, worse, an anguished joy one can not reverse. So long as blood still burns

December 3, 2014

Beautiful, And Forever

On this December day, in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley,

We have songs of birds singing praises in the trees

We could never tire.

Flowers of the garden so lovely to see.

A flowing river that flows to the sea.

The beauty of our Valley inspires the Goddess of Nature

Whose secrets we do not know.

She will live on forever...she will never die under the stars.

Unlike all other mortals such as you and I.

Nature is beautiful, and forever.

As I gaze at the stars, they are all so bright

On this clear winter night.

Watching the trees swaying with grace

With the full moon so bright in this peaceful Valley

Time moves on. Temperatures falling, days shortening,

Sunshine fading, slowly, readying the whole world for rest.

It is getting colder than the night before.

Winter is almost here, the abundant, redundant season.

For many one of the prettiest times of year.

With it's beauty, peace, and bliss a holiday filled with such cheer,

Giving and getting so many things, enjoying everything it brings.

Have you already made your list...

Waking up with hopes to find your wish inside...

Either tangible or so emotional you nearly cried,

How wonderful Winter can be from the holidays to the scenery,

My favorite, however, I have no trouble deciding,

Nature is beautiful, and forever.

December 5, 2014

Grand Canyon

On the Havasu trail; fantastic views and breathtaking. I take a moment and stand alone...alone with myself the canyon caress me, the shade bear hugs my heart and it brings a colorful beauty to my soul...I listen and hear the wind whipping through the canyon and as I listen carefully I hear roaring water just past the Supai Indian Village.

As I escape into its natural world I enjoy the beauty of one of the great wonders. This fairytale canyon built by nature with, pillars, temples of rocks and various nature made sculptures. The spring colors shines as the sun glistens on the reddish rock and flowers adorn the land. A beauty lives in nature that always gives so much joy. It gives with pleasure that brings many dreams and memories to me with its own sweet rewards; it helps gather up my thoughts like the clouds reflecting off streams. It draws up my soul like the waters in the root of your plants...in the arteries of waterfalls it brings me together. Through its suns beauty I breathe out the air.

There is not a better place to experience the sunrise or sunset...these are amazing, as I open my soul its beauty flies into my heart like a butterfly with so much hue, it strengthens my spirit with huge wings that lifts my spirit to fly as though in the sky with the raven's. The canyon brings out so much beauty as I trek past the, Navajo, Havasu, Mooney and Beaver Falls which leads its relentless flow to the great river, called the Colorado. With each ancient stone face there is a story to tell that no human story teller can tell the true tale...words Pale.

While trekking out of this canyon grand, I got worn, tattered, whipped, beaten and battered. But at the same time I stayed uplifted by its shapes, its forms and its beauty that stirs a heightened response of the senses and of the mind on its highest level because of its excellence grace. I realize only the universal power of tremendous force could create this splendor canyon, not just might alone; no, and not just natures sculptured art. The working with such power and heart of the universe it took to create this magnificent canyon and make it the masterpiece it is. It was a harsh and wonderful hiking experience I will always remember because of the work of the wind, the rain, the sleet, the snow and the tectonic plates helped shape this canyon for all to enjoy...this canyon grand.

May 4, 2008

The Simple Things In To Stay "Together"

Joy in love is in the simple things: touching, Embracing, chattering on for hours about nothing, Glazing into each others eye and seeing and feeling love.

When you smile at each other and it brightens a sad day

Sure of your place within another's heart. Simple things: like coming home knowing Exactly where the treasure lies; like being At ease with what you do and who you are;

Needing to say nothing…just being together says it all. Needing what you already have; accepting, Desiring what you have been given; feeling The gratitude of someone who is loved; Investing goodness instead of money; giving For the pleasure of giving pleasure; seeing Fortune come to take you in its arms. All this joy is yours for the price of loving, Not only well but long, days of willing, Years and years of wise and patient love.

Say "I love you" to each other often.

September 24, 2006

A New Born Son

How do I raise my new born son?

When born, I saw our precious son

And his mother as one…my son is a

Little bit of heaven

So fresh and clean conceived

Out of love on that special night under

Heaven's twilight.

I will rear him right,

I will keep him Warm at night. I see

Him happy and Wise...

When I pick him up into my arms

And see a smile with so much charm we

Know he belongs.

He is safe, he knows there is love,

We feel it shine like the fallen rain,

Never dimming our hearts.

My heart has melted so we will never

Say good-bye until I am very old and it is

Time for us to part…

November 1, 2002